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Review Elizavecca Centella Asiatica & Galactomyces Toner

This year there are 2 trendy and well-known skin care ingredients, they are centellas asiatica and galactomyces. Not surprisingly, many manufacturers market it with a variety of claims, one of which is Elizavecca.

The South Korean origin company is famous for its cute cartoon pig mascot but not all of the ingredients they use contain the animal extract. And these are 2 of their products that I have tried and turned out to be quite good.

Elizavecca Centella Asiatica Extract 100%. 

Claims: contain 100% centella asiatica essence free from alcohol, parabens, artficial coloring and fragrance. Offers deep moisture and equips the skin to absorb nutrients then to prepare them for the next stage.

How to use: put on the hands as needed and pat gently on the face to absorb perfectly.

Packaging and texture: packed in an elegant frosted bottle, while the color of the toner is the same color as the tea as well as the fragrance.

My takes: I've been using this for about 8 days since when my skin was inflamed by monthly zits. This toner works well with other skincare, it's light in layers, doesn't feel stuffy or heavy. This type of toner is suitable in tropical climates like our country, even suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. It's just that we also have to pay attention to the use of guidance, especially for skin that is injured, eczema or dermatitis.

The final conclusion is that I simply recommend this toner because besides being mild, it is also moist friendly enough to oily skin though.

Elizavecca Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 100%.

Claims: to calm the redness and sensitive skin, increases the skin's elasticity, restore its texture, smooth wrinkles and improves complexion.

How to use: clean and tonify the skin, may use on direct or with cotton pad.

Ingredients: : extract of galactomyces made from 100% fermented yeast fungi, niacinemide, extract aloe leaves, and milk protein.

My takes: I must admit that this galactomyces toner is enough to help smooth the part of the facial skin that had been rough by acne scars, the chin and jaw parts that usually feel rough are also more moist and even.

These galactomyces are also mild enough for tropical hot weather conditions, do not cause stuffiness, itchy nor breakouts. Light and wearable for daily routine.

Nett: 150ml
Price: varied
Where to buy: e-commerce.

*result may vary

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  1. I’m so curious yet scare enough to try any skincare due to my first korean skincare trial 2 years ago end up with major breakout. Literally acne all over my face. But, that galactomyces toner tho! I guess I need that one!

  2. Penasaran dgn toner ini, tp lagi menahan diri coba2 ganti skincare biar tau mana skincare yg paling tepat utk muka kering macam aku ini hehehe

  3. There so much skincare out there. And all of them have greats review. Its make me confuse. Which one is the best for my skin.

  4. You know i am not that into Korean skin care but I must admit a lot of products are really good with cute-catchy packaging. and these two sounds worthy to try. Thanks for the review.

  5. Sebagai pencinta skincare Korea, aku pengen banget coba yg centella asiatica karena katanya sebagus itu. Tapi yang galatomyces itu kayaknya ga cocok deh sama aku, pernah coba tapi merk lain dan jadi bruntusan.Tapi bisa jadi beda hasil sih ya

  6. Centella emang hits banget ya, kak. Pengen nyobain juga tapi lumayan mahal huhu. Bagus nih kayanya tanpa alkohol dan pewangi��

  7. Galactomyces ini selalu bikin ngiler! Sayangnya kulitku ga bersahabat sama doi. Why oh why..

  8. Kalo aku jujur aja masih maju mundur cantik untuk nyobain skin care. Karena di keluargaku sendiri udah banyak yang jadi korban skincare. Tapi aku penasaran juga pengen nyoba.

  9. Elizavecca Centella Asiatica & Galactomyces Tone ini produk korsel ya mbak. Sekarang banyak ya mbak, produk-produk korsel digandrungi sama pecinta skincare.

  10. Sebagai laki-laki, aku sebenarnya nggak paham banget sama masalah skin care. Tapi kayaknya ini bagus, coba aku rekomendasikan ke kakak perempuan ku ah.

  11. Sebagai laki-laki, aku sebenarnya nggak paham banget sama masalah skin care. Tapi kayaknya ini bagus, coba aku rekomendasikan ke kakak perempuan ku ah.

  12. Centella asiatica ini emang lagi ngetrend banget ya. Sampai-sampai banyak banget yang pakai dia sebagai bahan dasar. Galactomyces kayaknya aku pernah coba di essence dan sejauh ini cocok-cocok aja, meski nggak banyak improve-nya. Let's see, apa bakal coba bahan yang sama. Thanks for the review, Kak.

  13. Nah, racun toner 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Udah lama ga ngikutin trend skincare korea sih, karena lebih memilih produk2 yg mudah didapat di swalayan saat kepepet. Tapi daku selalu investasi di satu atau dua produk yg berkualitas baik. Dan si Centella ini keknya sedang menarik2nha yaa

  14. Sejujurnya, ku baru tau ada toner ini. Packaging nya gak lucu malah lebih ke keren. Maskulin gitu

  15. Does this toner suit for man skin? I wanna use it to help smooth the acne scars on my face.

  16. onde basa engris plakk wkwkkw... pokoknya ini bermanfaat buat umat kan kak nan

  17. wah bolehlah ini dicoba, belum ada nyoba toner2 berbahan ini


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