How To Reduce Skin Redness - Onsaemeein Arnica Anti-Redness Ample

by - Juni 01, 2019

Some time ago I got a product from a Korean skincare brand, Onsaemeein, gamsahamnida. They offers several products and this time I had the opportunity to try Onsaemeein Arnica Anti-Redness Ample.

I deliberately chose this serum since my skin is often flushed red either by heat, pollution/dust, over exfoliated and even from wearing makeup in long hours (my skin is only able to wear foundation for just 5 hours, at the end of the day it will start to feel stuffy, hot and if the makeup removed you'll see my uneven red patches spread widely from both cheeks to jawlines).

So far, I haven't found Arnica as the main ingredient for a product, which is why I am articulated. Arnica is the name of a plant that is divided into several sub categories and  according to their ingredient list they have used Arnica Montana extract.

Arnica itself is indeed widely known to used to treat problems and to overcome various diseases, also external treatment on swollen, sore and red skin. Maybe this is where the idea of ​​this product came from, not to mention Koreans skin tone are mainly fair and delicate, which tends to be easily red and sunburned.

In Indonesia where the majority of the population has dark skin, for those who are like me who have skin tone that considerably fair and easily burn, looking for skincare products specifically to deal with this problem is honestly very difficult. Often the target of overcoming redness in skin is not the top priority except skin redness due to acne.

Here are my thoughts after using this product for about a month (irregular use, only when the redness starts to show ):

  • This product is separated  into 2 layers oil and toner, dark pink underneath and light pink on the top layer, to use it this product must be shaken thoroughly until it dissolves.
  • Comes in glass transparent bottle with straw pipe to remove the product.
  • It has a particular scent almost acidic, for some people this smell can be annoying but it will disappear later once applied.
  • This product claims to whiten the skin, anti-wrinkles and even free-preservative.
  • I admit that this serum is able to give brightening effect instant enough, but it could be due to the redness of the skin has eliminated.
  • Got to highlight  my favorite part: the redness of the face subsides quickly!
  • I have tried it on: acne scars that have long died but left red spots on the face, on redness due to makeup and sunburn, to red swollen bumps after squeezing blackheads out from skin (I know, I did my spa at home, tee hee!).
  • It is proven to soothe and calm the redness with no fuss.
  • Arnica can also help relieve redness on the corner of the nose, chin (right under lips), neck and other body parts.
  • Not sure with layering them with another skin care product or makeup as I have them (the Arnica ample) alone.
  • For anti-wrinkles claims, I have not been able to provide much information considering that I only use this product on troubled parts of the face (not mixed).
  • Pay attention to the list of ingredients which might caused allergic or not suitable for your skin.
  • They also listed alcohol into the product, for me who can't stand alcohol actually is quite disturbing considering the stinging effect, therefore this product is only thinly rubbed on the problem area and avoids the eye area.
  • Even it also marketed to those with sensitive skin, you should test before buying or please find reviews of these products from those with sensitive skin too.

Here I have to give a shout how Onsaemeein products which turned out to be made with consideration and targeting skin problems well and specifically. I am looking forward to trying out their other products.

Rating 4 / 5.
Where to buy: International and local E-commerces (I spotted some local online shop selling Onsaemeein).

PR/Gifted with honest review.

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  1. Dilihat dr ingredientsnnya masi ada fatty acid nih sayangnya huhu syusah emang untuk cari skincare yg ga ada fatty acidnya. Wajah sensitif amat soalnya wkwk

    1. iya ya tam, pdhl ini klaimnya untuk kulit sensitif :(

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